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Investment Services

With our strong financial background, Vice Properties can provide advisory and consulting services on your existing investment properties, or potential acquisition of investment properties. We will seek to understand your goals and objectives as an investor to ensure we position you in a property consistent with those goals and objectives. We will assist you in analyzing potential investment properties through financial models to ensure that you maximize the return of your investment.

Our models are dynamic allowing us to change assumptions so you can see the potential outcomes based on changes to financing, purchase price, down payment, etc. Our models will allow you see your projected ROI and cash flow net of tax during the holding period of your investment all the way through the eventual liquidation of your property. We also can leverage our network to provide alternative real estate investments such as first and second deeds of trust secured by a conservative loan to value (LTV) ratios.

Our detailed property analyses will support your decision whatever it may be, to either buy, sell or hold. With our strong tax background, if you are looking to exchange your property, we can assist with the sale and purchase of your replacement property. We seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Investment Services Include

  • Asset analysis and opinion of value
  • Property operations analysis
  • Development investment opportunities with our partners
  • Personalized & Customized Service
  • Assist in buy-sell decisions
  • Evaluate development or redevelopment options
  • Optimize returns during the holding period of properties.